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Saturday, November 3, 2012


Price in usd
Price in Pkr
3 ML
$ 3.5
rupees 330
6 ML
$ 8
rupees  740
12 ML
$ 15
rupees  1500
25 ML
$ 26
rupees  2600
50 ML
$ 50
rupees  4900
100 ML
$ 92
rupees  9200
300 ML
$ 265
rupees  26000
500 ML
$ 450
rupees  44000
1000 ML
$ 820
rupees  80000

Assalam oalaikum,

The agarwood ittar is also known by several other names such as agar, oud and oodh, aloeswood, eaglewood etc. It is one of the most valuable ittar found in the world. Prophet Mohammad (saw) used to burn agarwood along with camphor.
With a dark brown color and a woody, masculine scent the agarwood comes from trees which largely grow in the South-west Asian region. The best quality agarwood comes from those trees which have been damaged or which are dead since decades or even centuries.
The oil derived from the agarwood tree has a strong earthy and musky aroma.
The agarwood oil is used as an ittar, incense and medicine.
Mufaddal bin Adil Barakat, the prince from Yemen and Ibn Sinnan (ra) have both highlighted the therapeutic properties of agarwood. 
Its fragrance soothes the mind
It can heal the problem of bed-wetting
It sharpens the senses 
It heals depression, anxiety, heart disease, palpitations, body ache etc to name just a few.
The divine ittar of agarwood has inspired many poets and they have mentioned about it in their poems.

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