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Friday, November 2, 2012


The Vetiver grass is a naturally growing, tropical plant and the oil extracted from this grass is known as vetiver oil or Ruh Khus. This is an ancient and one of the most popular essential oil in Southeast Asia.

Khus attar is a rare and unusual preparation from the vetiver grass. The ruh is Arabic word which means essence. Khus attar is prepared through a process of repeated distillation of the aromatic vetiver roots into sandalwood oil base.

Vetiver grass has numerous medicinal properties apart from its relaxing aroma.

The aroma from the roots of vetiver grass acts as a rejuvenating tonic and builds up concentration.
Vetiver has natural cooling properties so when it is used as attar it has a cooling effect.
Vetiver can strengthen the nervous system and alleviates tension, stress, depression and anxiety
Due to its calming effect it is used to heal insomnia.
It can heal rheumatism pains and arthritis.

Vetiver is widely used by the perfumers owing to its unique fragrance and by the traditional physicians owing to its healing properties.

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