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Friday, November 2, 2012


The scientific name of Ambergris attar is Pinus Succinifera and it is a kind of excretion from the whales. It floats on the oceans and is collected from the beaches where it appears as rough and filthy blocks. Ambergis is secreted by the sperm whale and the freshly released Ambergis has a soft consistency and an unpleasant smell. Though it has a dark black color when it is excreted, but the sea water and atmosphere transform its color to a silver-gray to golden yellow. Finally it turns white in color with a sweet and pleasant aroma.
Floating ambergris is collected in different parts of the world such as Australia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Maldives etc.
The Muslim traveler Ibn Btutah has mentioned in his travelogue that the people from Central Asia used it commonly.
Ambergis attar has quite a few medicinal benefits such as:
When the Ambergis attar is inhaled it cures headaches and migraines.
It helps to cure paralysis.
Ambergis can heal heart blocks if consumed in a drink.
It soothes the nerves
It can cure stomach aliments, infertility in women and is an aphrodisiac.
 Besides its use in medicines, the Ambergis attar is also used as a fixative for costly and fine perfumes.

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