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Friday, November 2, 2012


Assalam oalaikum,
Jasmin is known by different names throughout the world. For example it is popular as Nisrin in Arabia, as Jasmine in the western countries and as Yasmin in Persian. Jasmin ittar was the favored choice of the Muslim mystics of Central Asia.
Purely refined Jasmine flowers are used for extracting the sweetly scented, mystifying and powerful Jasmine attar. Since the Jasmine attar is a powerful aphrodisiac, the men get attracted towards women who use this attar like a moth towards flame.

The Popular Jasmine attar has the following benefits:
It is soothing and anti-depressant
It helps to induce sleep
It is a potent aphrodisiac.
Jasmine extracts can cure stress, hyper-tension and skin disorders.
It can uplift one’s mood

The Jasmine tea is popular in China since ancient times. Jasmine was popular amongst several monarchs of the world as well as Cleopatra.
The essential oil extracted from the Jasmine flower is widely used in aromatherapy and other holistic therapies.  

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname

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