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Saturday, November 3, 2012


Price in usd
Price in Pkr
3 ML$ 3rupees  300
6 ML
$ 7
rupees  700
12 ML
$ 13
rupees  1300
25 ML
$ 25
rupees  2400
50 ML
$ 43
rupees  4200
100 ML
$ 84
rupees  8200
300 ML
$ 235
rupees  23500
500 ML
$ 410
rupees  40000
1000 ML
$ 779
rupees  77000

Attars can be divided into 2 broad groups, namely the floral and the herbal/spicy attars. The floral attars are the ones which are produced from a single species of flowers, such as Gulab, Chameli, Kewra etc
On the other hand we have the herbal and spicy attars which are produced by combining certain flowers, spices and herbs, such as Hina and its various types such as Shamama-tul amber, Musk Hina and Musk Amber.
The Shamamatul-amber attar is traditional Indian attar which has a rich, earthy and natural aroma. It is produced by the hydro-distillation process of Agarwood, saffron and various rare spices and herbs.
 Shamama-tul amber attar has many uses in the industry:
This attar is used during the cold season because it creates a warm effect on the body.
Owing to its rich aroma it is widely used in exotic skin care formulations.
Due to its rich, earthy aroma it is in much demand in the aromatherapy based applications

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