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Friday, November 2, 2012


Assalam oalikum,

The name Buqhoor is derived from Arabic and it represents all the wood chips, resins and incense. This is red-colored attar with a pleasant aroma. Its botanical name is Mimusops Elengi. This pure, alcohol-free attar is the preferred choice for meditation and worship. Its unique fragrance helps to awaken one’s senses and in uplifting the soul. It is widely used in spiritual quests by amils because the rich and sweet Buqhoor aroma can attract Moakkils and repel evil spirits.

It is not surprising that Buqhoor finds its mention in Sufi literature and is the preferred choice of the Sufi Saints.
Even in the present times Buqhoor is used during meditation sessions and hadras or standing zikr where incense is an essential part of the ceremonies. 

The traditional Buqhoor is usually a blend of main ingredients along with the base of the distilled sap of the rare Agarwood tree. The Agarwood or Oud base imparts a nice balance to the sweet floral aromas that are used to produce the traditional Buqhoor.  

Keep Me In Your Prayers.
Amel Soname


Aniz Amed said...

What is the price of Buqhoor Attar in Indian Rupees? Kindly send me the pricing of few other like Musk, with the shipping charge to Tamil Nadu India.

Anonymous said...

Salamu Aleykum, what is the price of the Buqhoor attar in dollar? and how does it look like? does it look like a stick OR like pieces of wood? which color does it has exactly?

i need a perfume or attar Which attract Angels, a attar which the angels loves it, is buqhoor attar the best of all that attract the angle or is there another attar too?

Anonymous said...

what is the exact name of the Oud which is used for meditation and worship and which attract angels... can you please tell me the exactly name of it? because there are so many other kinds of oud, i hope you will tell me the exact name of the Oud that i may can buy it, Thank you.

I will wait of your answer, Jazzak Allahu Khair.

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