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Friday, November 2, 2012


Assalam oalaikum,

Sandalwood is a fragrant wood which is being used since almost 4000 years back. It has an exotic, rich, woody fragrance which lingers for long periods of time.  Sandalwood incense is widely used in the traditional as well as modern formulas of Japanese incense. Sandalwood was used for embalming the mummies by the Egyptians.
Due to the calming effect, sandalwood incense is widely used while meditation. The ittar is extracted from the fragrant woods. The sandalwood oil is used to heal depression, mental exhaustion and anxiety. Sandalwood oil is used as a base or fixative while making natural attars. During the distillation process, the aroma of sandalwood evaporates whereas the oil absorbs the aroma of the individual flower.
The sandalwood offers plenty of therapeutic benefits, such as:
It acts as a digestive muscle relaxant
It is used for curing genital-urinary infections
If applied on the throat and chest it can heal dry cough.
It can stop vomiting.
It can cure traveling sickness
Owing to its unique characteristics and useful properties, sandalwood has a great demand in the international market

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